Healthy Hair Tips

Let’s be real who actually gets a trim on their hair every 6 to 8 weeks? In the age of blow out bars its not a question that our hair is all a little damaged but of how bad the situation actually is. Now dry your tears – Im not asking you to give up your curling iron. Trust me, I’d soon rather sell my soul than part with mine. But there are a few tips and tricks we can sneak into our daily routine to provide some insurance on our drapes. 😉

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The Business of Blogging Panel

blazer, romper: BCBG 

Hands down the most common question I get asked from ya’ll is how to start a blog. Although I have learned a ton in the past year and a half of blogging, I by no means feel like I am an expert because well, I am still really new too! The truth is that there is no cookie cutter how to guide in the business of blogging and to be honest, so much of it is just trial and error that differs from each persons experience. I wish I could take every single person out for coffee that has sent me a dm, email, and comment  asking for advice on blogging. I remember how it felt to feel completely overwhelmed by the unknown of starting a blog and although figuring it out for myself was empowering, I wish I had a little more guidance and encouragement in the beginning.  Read More

Me Time ft. Simple Human Mirrors

Mirror: Simple Human c/o

I press snooze about 6 times (wish I was exaggerating) roll out of bed and shuffle my feet into the kitchen where I dump some of this creamer in with my favorite coffee from this machine and in just a matter of seconds….Ahhhhh….. my Jesus juice is ready. I can now make my way into what Morgan calls my “girl room”.

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Another off the shoulder post

It is no secret I have gone a little overboard with off the shoulder tops and dresses for quite some time now. Try as hard as I might to go with another style- I always gravitate to this one in a line up of dresses. Sort of like my lipsticks. Somehow I have 127 shades that are all almost the exact same color but yet SO DIFFERENT – I swear. I mean I have got every tone, texture, and finish a mauvey pink can have but, Imma still get another one when it comes down to it. #oops. Same goes for my OTS tops so just bare with me people…bare with me.

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Easy Summer Trend


Out of all the seasons trends I think the biggest (and arguably cutest) one is the basket bag. You can become the coolest girl in the room in an instant with a little picnic esque carry all dangling from your arm. Don’t we all want that? (Don’t lie, I know we all want that)

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Beyond the Blonde Ft. Urban Farmhouse

I am not quite sure how I hit the future husband lottery but I ain’t gunna argue with the good Lord’s blessings ya’ll. I don’t know many men who would be okay with unwinding from work on a blush pink chair complete with a frilly white pillow surrounded by leopard but, I sure am glad mine is okay with it. 😉 I struggled a lot with how I wanted to decorate our home at first because the two style’s I was in between were extreme opposites. Do I go bright light neutrals with accents of airy sky blue, blush and black? OR do I play with eclectic looks featuring mix matched prints and pops of bold colors? I think you can tell by now I went for the latter. Read More

Friday Finds


Morgan and I have a very busy weekend ahead of us. We leave directly after Morgan gets off work to attend a wedding shower in OKC and then a wedding the following day. I love this time of the year because of all the weddings, parties, and get togethers that happen. Depending on your personality you might recharge with a little bit of down time or alone time but , for me, I feel the most rejuvenated/happy when Morgan and I are catching up with close friends together. We also got our save the dates in for our wedding so we will be addressing envelopes alllllll day long on Saturday wahoo!

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All About Lashes

It is no secret that this girl loves herself some falsies. Call me high maintenance or what not but I just love how it can make your eyes seriously POP. They instantly give you perfectly separated volume. What is not to love about that huh? It all started out innocently enough in high school when I had to wear them a lot for musicals and shows I was in. A few days out of the year having to wear them for two weeks straight and then I was hooked. Once you get used to what you look like with them on as opposed to without…it’s a little hard to refrain yourself from whipping these puppies out every day.Read More

Kimono Dreams

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never owned a kimono… am I even spelling this thing right? Ha! Really what sold me on this one in particular was the color scheme. It is seriously gorgeous and has this glittery/sheen/luster effect look to it that makes it pretty unique looking. Fall is my absolute favorite season because there is nothing I love more than layering. In the summer…well there isn’t a ton of layering going on because obviously you are not trying step outside in 100 degree weather with excessive clothing.


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