As I walked into Balliets on Classen Curve I was immediately greeted by the store’s owner Bob Benham. I complimented him on the new look of the store since I had not been in since high school while shopping around with my mom. He explained to me that within the past couple of years Balliets has revamped their women’s luxury store by carrying more contemporary brands than in the past. And boy was he right! As I sifted through the racks I realized that Balliets was no longer just my moms favorite store, it was mine too! I found everything from Frame Denim to Diane Von Furstenberg to Kate Spade to Miu Miu and Chloe. I was experiencing a whole new era of Balliets. An era that lends itself to being the most diverse luxury department store in Oklahoma, where any woman of any age can walk in and find something they love. But perhaps my favorite part of my Balliets experience that day was working with their fabulous stylists and buyers. Together we styled over 8 outfits to feature and I had the time of my life!  However, trying on that many clothes in front of that many people can make you have numerous #regrets about eating that pizza with a hefty side of ranch the night before.  But these women made me feel so beautiful in my own skin and truly wanted me to feel comfortable and confident with what I was wearing rather than just trying to put me in their latest and greatest to feature for my blog regardless of if I liked it. As I exited the store I ended it the same way I came in, with a conversation with Bob.  I was thanking him endlessly for the opportunity to wear his clothes and bragging on his fabulous staff that had helped me that day and he said something that I feel summed up my entire Balliets experience. He said, “Balliets doesn’t sell merchandise, we sell self confidence for women”.  To me, his words embody what sets Balliets above the rest.  If you get a chance to go to Balliets this Christmas season you will not only walk out with fabulous new wardrobe pieces you can’t find anywhere else in Oklahoma, but also a new found level of self confidence.  Shop Balliets and I know you will have the same experience I did.

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What I am wearing:

Instead of linking these clothes you can shop them at Balliets!

Jacket: Smythe Brando Coat

Shirt: Frame Denim Tee

Jeans: McGuire Jeans “Starry Night Mrs Robinson” 

Boots: Stella McCartney Plum

Handbag: Miu Miu Madras Bag

Necklaces : Alexis Buttar Jumble and 36inch mini cheerio

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