A Personal Touch

 A few weeks ago I decided to get a little personal with ya’ll on my insta stories and told you about my moving process and why it was so emotional for me. Before I pressed the publish button I stopped and hesitated for a second. I wondered if I was getting a little too personal for my little ole fashion/beauty blog. Isn’t everything I post on here supposed to be filled with untouched latte art, 50% off sales, good hair days, and perfectly styled instagram worthy posts??? There might be some bloggers who want you to think that is their reality but it’s far from mine.

 I started this blog so that I could talk about clothing, beauty, fashion and connect with other people who loved it too. My hope was that in some way, as you read my post or caption that you would feel like it was an old friend or a bestie popping up on your timeline. So why did I pause? I guess I care too much about what others think (don’t we all) but then again I thought I burned that bridge when I started this whole blogging thing anyways! HA!

Back to the insta stories: the minute they went live you guys flooded my dm’s. Messages of encouragement, prayers, and girls who went through the same thing as me or just related to being a sentimental hoarder as well. 😉  To me, this whole blog thing is a whole lot more about the relationships I’ve built than the clothes or the makeup I talk about on it. And the outcome of that struggle I had of choosing to be picture perfect or authentic and real that day solidified in my mind that I will always choose the latter. I understand that some people might think its “too much” for social media but its me and its unfiltered and I cannot please everyone. Blogging seems like such a surface level and materialistic industry but I am so thankful the Lord is using it in my life for the opposite. So I’ll get off my soap box but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for reading/watching/supporting/emailing/Dm’ing me and affirming me to be myself. Ya’ll are the best.

Read below for more sappy stuff! *YAY*

 I cannot believe that I have already been in Tulsa for almost a month now. It blows my mind how fast time flies by. I touched on this above but, for those who didn’t watch my insta story and have no idea what I’ve been talking about the last four paragraphs (sorry bout that) In short, my moving process here was a little emotional so it made me pretty anxious in the weeks leading up to it. Moving out of my parents house for the last time , going to a completely new city, and my parents selling our house sent this little gal into tears. But since I have been here it has been so amazing. Of course I miss seeing my parents and spending time with my little brother every day but seeing Morgan and Marley daily for the first time in almost four years has literally made us giddy. We are just on cloud 9 getting to say “see you tomorrow” every. single. day. IT RULES!

I’ll shut up now. Longest post ever, I won’t even bore you with the outfit details haha- if you like it take a peek below to shop


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♥Marley and BTB ♥

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  1. Ok wow!! Love this post so much! You are seriously the cutest person and your blog helped me decide I wanted to take the leap and start my own. So thank you for being so real!

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