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It is no secret that this girl loves herself some falsies. Call me high maintenance or what not but I just love how it can make your eyes seriously POP. They instantly give you perfectly separated volume. What is not to love about that huh? It all started out innocently enough in high school when I had to wear them a lot for musicals and shows I was in. A few days out of the year having to wear them for two weeks straight and then I was hooked. Once you get used to what you look like with them on as opposed to without…it’s a little hard to refrain yourself from whipping these puppies out every day. I think the most common misconception is that it takes a long time and way more effort to get them on in the morning. To me, it takes me a lot more time to put mascara on than to pop some glue on the strip and stick the eyelashes on.  At this point putting my lashes on is second nature. It’s almost like someone asking you if tying their shoes is hard or brushing their teeth. Now in the beginning, YES lashes took me longer to put on. But that is because it takes practice to feel comfortable enough doing it! Here is my step by step tutorial here 

Here are my top two recommendations for lashes.

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One is more bold and the other is 100% natural looking

To me, price does not necessarily indicate quality. The reason I love this brand so much is because the strip is so thin it is virtually unnoticeable. Every single higher end lash I have purchased I end up feeling like I have caterpillars sitting on my eyeballs, and that ain’t cute folks! I love how I cannot even hardly feel these. Now if you have never worn lashes before expect to have to acclimate to the feeling of them on your eyes. But if you start out with one of these two, I can promise you it will be easier to handle than a pair like these .  The thicker strip is supposed to make them more durable and last longer but I personally just cannot stand the way that they feel.

The only cons to strip lashes is that every single room mate I have ever had has at one point mistaken them for a spider. HAHA What can I say, sometimes these little guys end up in unfortunate places…like the bathroom floor…..where one would understandably mistake it for a big ole hairy bug.

If you prefer to grow your lashes naturally I SWEAR by this product. My lashes grew so long in college that one time I had to cut my lashes a little bit because when I would put mascara on it would get all over my eyebrow NO LIE! It is liquid gold but takes about a month to really kick in.

My best friend recently told me she had read somewhere that this oil helps your lashes grow if you apply daily. It is significantly cheaper than the serum so I cannot wait to hear more about her results. I mea for 12 bucks it honestly might be at least worth the try.

I have also tried lash extensions….Not really the biggest fan of these I don’t think…

Has anyone else tried lash extensions, a serum , or falsies???

Let me know what you have tried and loved in the comments below!!!!



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  1. I had extensions for 1.5 years and loved the look but they are a lot of maintenance and $$. So as I was ready to stop the refills I started using Rodan & Fields Lash Boost. So when my last lash extension fell off, I had some really healthy lashes! I am impressed! Now…I don’t have the length I like but the fullness and the natural curl is there! No more curler! But I’d like to try the serum from Nordstrom you recommend–it’s about the same price as R&D, and I love your review!!

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