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It is no secret I have gone a little overboard with off the shoulder tops and dresses for quite some time now. Try as hard as I might to go with another style- I always gravitate to this one in a line up of dresses. Sort of like my lipsticks. Somehow I have 127 shades that are all almost the exact same color but yet SO DIFFERENT – I swear. I mean I have got every tone, texture, and finish a mauvey pink can have but, Imma still get another one when it comes down to it. #oops. Same goes for my OTS tops so just bare with me people…bare with me.

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I wore this dress outside all afternoon with my family this past Saturday and adding sunscreen completely slipped my mind. This fair skin didn’t stand a chance but, whats even worse than the sting of the burn is how awful my lobster red skin paired with this mint green dress. It wasn’t pretty folks. However, if you don’t have a sunburn this mint color is so fun and I’m planning on adding a few more things in this shade to my wardrobe very soon.

How was your Monday? Mine was …eh… probably a lot like yours. haha The light at the end of my  tunnel is knowing Morgan is cooking dinner for me tonight, Salmon and asparagus (my favorite). And  The bachelorette is on tonight !!! Yippie! Speaking of, did anyone hear about this scandal???? I want to know what happened so bad!

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