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A couple of weeks ago on snapchat I showed a few of my smoothie ingredients and got tons of questions about what a few of them were. I know this is not your typical fashion beauty post on Beyond the Blonde but, part of every girls beauty routine should be taking care of what she is putting into her body.[show_shopthepost_widget id=”2802382″]

It seems super status quo to say but it didn’t really dawn on me until I had a chat with my favorite beauty advisor/guru Meralyn. She owns Aura Beauty spa and after 10 years in the business she knows literally everything there is to know about skincare and beauty. If you have been following me for any amount of time you know that I practically live at this spa. haha It is so hard to find someone whose opinion and expertise you trust and once you do find them you never let go. It even makes you do crazy things like drive all the way from Tulsa to Norman to get an eyebrow wax…..Not me it’s …um… er…a friend of mine that does that …. 😉

She had told me our goal was to get my skin glowing, radiant, and all around the best it’s ever looked before my wedding. But in order to do so we needed to start making a few changes in my diet. That’s when she introduced me to The Beauty Chef products sold exclusively at her salon in Oklahoma. I can honestly say I will never go back to a different protein powder. There are a laundry list of benefits but a few of my favorites are

BODY Inner Beauty Protein Powder Vanilla:

  •  1 Scoop is 80 Calories 
  • 15 g protein
  • 8 carbs 
  • Loaded with vitamins and nutrients that support good skin , digestion and it’s DELICIOUS. I’m not kidding you zero yucky protein flavor. 
  • 330 Grams of Matcha Powder boasting benefits such as increased metabolism, enhanced focus and concentration, detoxification and immune boosting properties, mood and energy enhancement and improved general wellbeing, this superfood joins the family of 40 other superfoods found in The Beauty Chef’s BODY Inner Beauty Powder.

Another product she had me work into my daily routine is the GLOW inner beauty powder. I put one tsp of this into my smoothie with the inner body powder. This is yet another product that I don’t think I will be going a day without from now on either. I can tell a huge difference in the strength of my hair and the texture and radiance of my skin. You can drink this mixed with a glass of water or mixed into your smoothie like I do.

There are a few other products by the Beauty Chef that Aura carries and I can’t wait to try a few more of them out like the collagen inner beauty boost and the hydration boost.

If you are interested in trying out some of these incredible products please contact the salon! I am sure they would be willing to ship products to you and explain more in depth their benefits over the phone.

Also, this post is in no way sponsored by Aura Spa. My job is to give you honest feedback on products I love. I have been testing out these products for well over a month and would not be posting about them if I didn’t feel like my readers absolutely needed to try them also. I do it cause I love ya and that’s what girlfriends are for ami right?!





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