Beyond the Blonde Ft. Urban Farmhouse

I am not quite sure how I hit the future husband lottery but I ain’t gunna argue with the good Lord’s blessings ya’ll. I don’t know many men who would be okay with unwinding from work on a blush pink chair complete with a frilly white pillow surrounded by leopard but, I sure am glad mine is okay with it. 😉 I struggled a lot with how I wanted to decorate our home at first because the two style’s I was in between were extreme opposites. Do I go bright light neutrals with accents of airy sky blue, blush and black? OR do I play with eclectic looks featuring mix matched prints and pops of bold colors? I think you can tell by now I went for the latter. 

My momma has always said that every room needs a little touch of black. I typically have always snuck my black in through leopard print but have been experimenting with black curtains, frames, and decorative books this time also. I feel that black adds a certain crisp, cohesiveness, and sophistication to any room. Try adding it in little by little in your home too and I think you will start to see what I mean! I don’t think any other color accomplishes so much with so little effort.

Part of the reason I went with the more eclectic glam vibe is because I know that it wont be how I decorate when Morgan and I have kids. So I am taking this newlywed season of life to have fun with our home decor and really fit our personality as a couple. For this reason, it was important to me that we only splurge on items that could easily transition over to whatever decor I choose for our home when we redecorate. So I set my sights on a light neutral couch.  I cannot tell you how many people scoffed at me when I told them I wanted a white or tan couch. And before you start to roll your eyes at me too, I promise I can explain. The explanation is…. because its the only couch color I truly liked. There I said it. I don’t care if I have to deep clean it every other day or swat Marley off the couch every five seconds. It might drive me nuts trying to keep it clean but at least when it is clean it will be my favorite pretty little thing in my home and will easily transition with time.

One of my moms friends owns a store called Urban Farmhouse so I looked here first in search of my dream couch. I love this store and the story behind how they came to be. It is such a beautiful example of God’s provision and is a living testimony of one of my favorite verses:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28

Click here to watch their story 

You have got to check out their website and visit the store in Oklahoma City if you are ever in the area.

To me , decorating is a love hate process. Emphasis on the process because if it was up to Morgan and I are house would not still be so under construction. We have been waiting to purchase certain items because with a summer full of showers coming up as our wedding approaches, we would rather just wait to get them as opposed to having nothing to register for because we already purchased it ourselves HA! For us that means a slightly not put together coffee table, empty book shelves, and blank walls. #thestruggle.

I had somewhat of a vision when decorating for our home but I needed a little more guidance. I am totally a big picture person so the little details of decisions gave me an overwhelming amount of variety that made me just get stressed and put it off. Lauren Haskell Designs has been my interior design fairy godmother. She sprinkled her pixie dust magic on a few different complete living room/dining area looks that allowed me to see everything all together before making the decisions on purchases. I CANNOT even begin to describe how helpful this was for me. She is incredibly talented and focuses on finding you affordable pieces so that you don’t have to spend hours searching. I highly recommend using her for your design needs. Would ya’ll like to see the renderings she made for our spaces ? It would give you a great idea of what our process together looked like and the before and after photos. Let me know in the comments below! *if you’re not based out of tulsa she can still help you! Click here to read about her e design services*

The pillows are from the cutest little shop located in Tulsa on Brookeside called Sasha Malachi . I am in loveeeee with these pillows. I ordered another green one and am patiently awaiting it’s arrival so have no fear, my pillows will soon be symmetrical haha

3 thoughts on “Beyond the Blonde Ft. Urban Farmhouse

  1. Oh my goodness Macey! Thank you so much for your kind words! I absolutely love working with you and your super-fun style! I love watching the spaces come together 🙂 🙂

  2. Hey Girlie, Schonda and I have visited about you marketing or wearing some of our glittery apparel. . not sure how you go about picking your fun places to shop, but, put mine on the list!!! We are being premiered on Discover Oklahoma on June 24th. . .and, another show on Channel 25. . lots of awesome things are happening and I’d love to see your happy face wearing some of my sparkly fun-ness!! Also, we are having a Flamingle and Monet Party on June 16th. . .I think you’d fall in LoVe with Monet and might just wanna be a part of this completely awesome movement. . .Monet is sweeping the state and I’m super happy about it!
    Lemme know. . you won’t hurt my feelings if you are totally covered up, but, if not. . shoot me an email: )
    O Happy Days!

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