Black Friday/Woodland Hills Mall

I can hardly believe it’s already time to be chatting black Friday game plans ya’ll. With an overwhelming amount of places to shop and every retailer offering once in a lifetime (okay, that was dramatic ) lets try this again, once a year deals. It’s a tough decision to decide where to go first and where to be at what time to make sure someone doesn’t beat you to the last NARS gift set at Sephora. Besides, you worked hard to make it to these sales! In addition to eating the entire day and having a food baby you did it while your aunt licked her finger to wipe off the “spot” on your face that just so happened to be your latest break out. And on top of all that you answered an un ending amount of questions like “so what are you going to do when you graduate?” ….  or ” why don’t you have a boyfriend yet? any prospects?” and “How is your job going?” Yea…. trust me girl, I know you’re ready for a little retail therapy. So I’ll cut the chit and the chat and get straight to what you came here for. The shopping. 

I decided to do this post a little differently since retailers have not yet announced their black Friday deals yet. I decided to just take you shopping with me in a few different stores so I can scout out what I’ll be snagging on sale this Friday. For me, there isn’t really a question of where I’ll be doing my shopping at. Woodland Hills mall is just a no brainer. There is no other place in Tulsa where all my favorite retailers are housed AND they have incredible extended hours to give you early access to all the sales. If you’re interested in joining me this year, I’ll add those details to the end of this post.

First stop when I entered the mall was Bath and Body Works. This isn’t where I typically run to first but, what can I say? I followed my nose there 😉 They typically run an incredible black Friday sale and my mom and I always stock up on candles for the season during it. At this point Thanksgiving is officially over and it’s time for all thoughts on CHRISTMAS! This Fresh Balsam candle is a must. Go ahead and grab two or three!

Treat yourself to a LUSH bath bomb! I am not much of a bath person but the reviews on these Lush products had me quickly believing I could become one! I think this is the perfect gift to give the girl who has everything or the girl you just can’t figure out what to give. This is also just a fun stocking stuffer or secret santa.

Next up I stopped by Express. I don’t typically shop there and I’m kicking myself for it. I had so much fun trying on so many cozy and affordable sweaters. It was so hard picking which ones I would purchase and I think I’ll be doing the majority of my clothes shopping here. These are a few snaps of my favorite pieces I’ll be purchasing Friday. I’m just a big ol sucker for pearl and rhinestone embellished ANYTHING so these had me at hello.

and last but most certainly not least, my own personal heaven on earth…SEPHORA.  I could spend my entire budget on this store alone! I chose to purchase the Laura Mercier new long lasting foundation. Ya’ll. It is incredible. I’ll be doing a more in depth review on that one later but trust me its good. I also am going to restock myself on my favorite dry shampoo while trying out a new product line’s texture spray. It smells like the beach and I can’t get enough.

Those are just a few of what is on my list for the big sale! Anything specific on yours? Thanks for “shopping” with me today. Lets do it again for the big sale in a few days! Below are the times to stop by.

Woodland Hills Mall will open Thursday November 23 at 6pm and stay open until 1am. The majority of retailers will be open and offering unbeatable savings for early bird shoppers. Friday Nov 24 they will open back up at 6 am until 10pm. From 1pm t0 5pm you can snap some pictures with your fellow black Friday friends in their photo booth, celebrate all the money you saved by dancing to the DJ that will be there keeping the fun going, and meet some of Santa’s reindeer! I hope I see you there!



*This post was in collaboration with Simon Malls/ Woodland Hills location. Thank you for supporting the retailers and brands that make this blog possible.*

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