I am the queen of the top knot. I pull my hair into one 6 days out of the week. Every time I wear my hair down I hear something like “Wow Macey your hair looks great. I haven’t seen it down in weeks!” A double sided compliment that should make me feel good but instead is just a nice way of reminding me I haven’t washed my hair enough that week. haha But before you pass judgment haven’t we all been there? Its Monday morning and you just don’t want to adult today! :/ So you pull your hair into a ponytail (yawn). Why not bust out a fun and equally effortless braid instead?! There are so many different braids and twists these days that you can kick your ponytail/top knot routine to the curb. Make the braid messy for a fun look or polished and classy with a slicked down one. Either way you wear it this hair trend is sure to fool your boss into thinking you really tried that morning.

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