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As a bride and groom you’re making SO many decisions left and right. First look or no first look? Whats your first dance song? Plated dinner or buffet? Its enough to make any ones head spin. Although I’ll admit some decisions were a little more fun than others. One of those fun, easy, and special decisions Morgan and I got to make together was choosing our wedding bands at Bruce G. Weber.


Rewind to about 8 months ago before I had moved to Tulsa. I was visiting Morgan for the weekend and he had a prior commitment that Saturday afternoon which meant I had the afternoon to myself. It was a beautiful day so I packed my dog, Marley, in the car and drove to Utica Square. I assumed I would walk him around and just kind of shop around but as I pulled up I noticed Bruce G. Weber on the corner. In that moment I had a flashback of the night Morgan gifted me my first piece of jewelry from him. I’ll never forget opening that little red box with Bruce G. Weber embossed in gold across the front on my birthday. Since I am the biggest sentimental sap on the face of the earth, that box is still tucked away in my closet at home along with everything else Morgan has ever given me haha. Needless to say this memory alongside my need to kill some time had me pulling into the jewelers parking lot.

As I walked in I was greeted by two friendly employees and they quickly started helping me as I looked around. I wasn’t there even ten minutes when one of them noticed Marley outside in my car. The woman immediately started insisting that I go and bring Marley inside. I was absolutely floored! But you don’t have to ask me twice to include my fur baby in on something 😉 As I brought him inside the woman had gone and gotten him a bowl of water and some doggie treats. In that moment I decided we would buy all our jewelry from this store. You be nice to my dog and you have got yourself a loyal customer for life! 😉

All that being said when it came time for Morgan and I to choose our wedding bands it was a no brainer where we would be shopping. Our jeweler Michelle went above and beyond to answer all our questions and truly made our moment perfect. I think she really went out of her way to get to know us as a couple which made us feel so comfortable and at home. I’ll always remember our experience that day and being just two giddy little kids in the store picking out our rings together. Their selection was everything from Christian Baur, Forevermark , Jack Kelege, to Scott Kay. You name it , they’ve probably got it! For us it was far more than just finding our rings for a special occasion and we owe most of that to Bruce G. Weber and Michelle.

We are on the final countdown until the wedding! Can’t wait to show ya’ll the rings we picked out and finally be MARRIED!

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