My mom has always been the biggest role model in my life. She is hands down the most hard working woman I’ve ever seen. I mean, this girl knows how to make stuff happen. She is also absolutely hysterical and so fun to be around. If you have ever been in the same room with her I am sure she has made you laugh a time or twenty. My mom is incredibly direct and will tell you exactly how she feels or what she is thinking. Coming from a girl who is too afraid to tell the waiter her order is wrong for fear of hurting their feelings, I could learn a thing or two from her in that department ha. A trait I did inherit however, is her ability to cry at any and every single movie. She is incredibly compassionate. Another reason I have always looked up to my mom is because she is so stylish and always looks put together. The apple didn’t fall too far from the tree when it comes to loving clothes, shoes, and makeup. It’s pretty cool that I get to share a passion for all of those things with my mom. We are constantly borrowing items from one another’s closet and jewelry box.

Another thing my mom and I share is our love for Dillard’s. My mom worked for Dillard’s for nearly 17 years. She had several positions there from being an area sales manager to working in visual merchandising, so I have been roaming the aisle’s of Dillard’s since before I was even born! haha I remember when I was  little and my mom would come home from work smelling like Dillard’s. Which is 100% a good thing, because I absolutely loved this smell. To this day when I walk in and smell the department store it takes me back to being just a little girl shopping around with my mom. It’s also the first department store I remember shopping at and sharing it with my mom, who I look up to in so many ways, is really cool. We can both find things we love at Dillard’s because of the wide selection of brands it carries in their stores.

I was ecstatic when I found out Dillard’s was going to be carrying Free People. The Sooner Mall location has an entire section dedicated to it and I was just in hippie chic heaven looking through it all. If you’re in the area I highly suggest stopping by and checking it out! I love that location in particular because they ALWAYS have my size. It is never too picked over because they stay on top of making sure they have enough inventory for those top selling pieces. You can find my entire look from Dillard’s at Sooner Mall in Norman!

Outfit c/o Dillard’s. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog. All opinions are my own.



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6 thoughts on “Dillards

  1. Loved reading this post! Your mom sounds amazing! It’s easy to see where you get your amazing qualities, Macey! Also we are such major Dillards lovers just like you!!!! Our grandma worked there for years at the OKC store and we loved getting to shop with her over the years. We still love getting amazing stylish deals there and are forever loyal to the store thanks to being raised on it LOL. Such a sweet post and your pics are the cutest! Love that outfit on you!!

  2. Loved reading this! Your mom sounds like one amazing woman!! This is so exciting that they’re carrying Free People now! Yay!!!! ??❤️ You look beautiful & I love the entire outfit! xx

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