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After being engaged for over a year at this point I by no means consider myself editor in chief of the knot but, I have learned a thing or two while being a fiance. 😉 So I thought I would share just a few things I’ve learned along with a couple of my favorite snaps from our engagement photos that I haven’t had the chance to share yet. I still smile ear to ear every time I look at them.

Be Realistic

At every meeting I’ve had with vendors they’ve asked for photos of what I am envisioning.  For me, this is where pinterest really came in handy because I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted at first. But if you are three weeks out from your wedding its time to stop browsing.  Give yourself one month to go Pinterest crazy gathering ideas and then stop. Yea thats right I said it STEP AWAY from the Pinterest. Delete the app and just don’t touch it again. Here is the thing, Its wonderful for gathering inspiration and getting ideas but it can also be debilitating. On several occasions pintrest has made me second guess everything. My mom and I spent an entire afternoon picking out the tables cape but just wanted to look online for a different cloth to go with the head table. Where did I end up? Pinterest. About twenty minutes later I’m calling my mom saying we have got to scratch everything because I have changed my mind and I want to go a completely different direction after looking at a few more ideas. HA! I’m crazy and I know it but can you blame a girl?! Another time I took my florist a photo of an arrangement I wanted to somehow recreate the shape of. One 5,500 dollar quote (for just that arrangement alone) later and that idea was a big fat NOPE! haha all you can do is laugh.

The thing is half of these weddings you are looking at are not even real. They are styled editorial shoots that magazines and vendors spend thousands of dollars to put together. I don’t know about you but I can’t compete with that! Unless you have got a 500,000 dollar budget most of those photos are just not the reality of the average bride. I recently found a website called WeddingWire where you can look through real weddings with real budgets and get real inspiration from real brides just like you! Plus they have amazing planning tips and tools.

Bottom line:  Everything is going to work out. Choose all the things that you and your groom love! If you do that then the decor, the colors, the flowers, all of it will be the most beautiful reflection of you as a couple and I can promise you won’t look back and wish you had just scoured pinterest a little longer. 😉 Comparison is the ultimate thief of joy and your wedding day is far too special to have that joy stolen from you.


Not everyone will love your venue. Not everyone would choose the colors you chose and I can guarantee not every girl in the room would choose your wedding dress as her own. But, that’s the beauty of weddings. They are such a personal reflection of each bride and grooms taste and style. Yet it took me awhile to come to that realization. I spent a lot of my time during planning choosing things based off of what other people might like. So many people said to me “Don’t do that it’s too trendy.” “Don’t get those heels you’ll regret wearing them all night.” For a people pleaser like me, it has been very hard to handle all the unsolicited advice at times. Remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and they are telling you theirs because they love you. Take it with a grain of salt , say thank you for their input, and then the choice is all yours. You only get married once!

I can promise that I certainly will not be the most unique bride to ever walk down the aisle and if anything what is in for weddings in 2017 will be out in 2018. My wedding is not going to be the most groundbreaking thing to hit your pintrest board and that’s okay. Because for me just knowing that it is going to be the absolute sweetest, most beautiful, and unforgettable day of Morgan and I’s life is what I think about. And it won’t be because of our *custom snapchat geo filter *, what shoes I’m wearing, or what our decorations are. At the end of the day it’s a celebration of you, your groom, and the immense love you have for one another. There is not a single solitary day in your life, other than this, that every person who loves you both will be under one roof as you make the biggest commitment before God to choose that person every single day until death do you part. Cling to what this day is truly about and all the woes of wedding planning will seem so insignificant and fleeting.

At this point in time Morgan and I just CANNOT wait for the day to be here. But instead of wishing these last few months of engagement away we are trying our best to make the most of it as we prepare for our marriage together. So for the next 3 months I am going to keep taking up the entire bed while I sleep, throwing my clothes on the floor, leaving all my makeup and hair tools scattered across the bathroom, and using my oven as an extra shoe rack 😉

For all those other recently married or engaged gals out there what is your advice? Let me know in the comments below!



No matter if you are single, newly taken, engaged, or married this series is an absolute must to watch. I cannot tell you how instrumental these sermons have been in sparking intentional conversations between Morgan and I that have grown us closer spiritually.

*WeddingWire released this amazing feature on their website to help you create a custom snapchat geo filter for your bachelorette party, wedding, and showers! How cool is that ?*

Photos by the ever so talented Melissa Marshall
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4 thoughts on “Engagement Tips

  1. You are beautifully talented, Macey, and I think you have given brides to be great advice! Being married 19 years, my wedding day is a vague memory. So I would tell brides to be to not get caught up or spend too much energy on the small stuff. Because in the big picture of your life, you will not remember NOR will it matter. Look at it like you are an event planner and you’re planning a very personal event. Prepare yourself for things to go wrong the day of….they will. Prepare yourself mentally so that when it happens, you’ll be able to handle it with strength & dignity.
    Your engagement photos are stunning! Choose your favs and frame or canvas them!
    I love your blog! I love your fashion, make up & hair advice! Its one I follow weekly!! I bought your recommended shampoo for my Meredith & I’m getting the hairdryer you recommended. Thanks for the inspiration you give!

  2. Macey! So happy for you guys and your special day ahead! I have only been married 3 years, but have been in Khris’s life for 7 years overal! Enjoy the journey…. make memories each day, laugh, dream, share, pray! Keep God at the head of it all. Focus on your life ahead, and God’s call…. stay true to that. It’s the only thing eternal!
    Real Beauty is inside…. the heart. You are blessed to have both, inside and outside!!
    Love you always, hope to reunite again! G

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