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I have this thing I do where I am a borderline hoarder. But before you get this vision of me on a TLC episode squished  in my room with stacks and stacks of boxes of random junk piled to the ceiling I just want to clarify that I don’t keep everything, just anything of sentimental value to me. Which just so happens to be a lot of stuff due to my overly sentimental nature. Oops. I’m over here like “Oh I just have to keep this empty Mac powder case and lipsmakers gloss!” because it was the first make up my mom let me wear before my first day of 8th grade. HA! So what else might you find buried in all the memories stuffed into my teensy closet? Perhaps you’d find every single note that was ever passed to me in the hallways of my Jr. High days. Maybe you would stumble upon my first cell phone, a pink razor, along with all my high school agendas, binders, and notebooks. Or you might find a box filled with every single birthday card I have literally ever been given. But what is really eating up all the space in my closet is my inability to part with all my t-shirts from high school and college.

When I graduated high school my mom begged me to give all the shirts to some younger girls who were fixing to start high school. But I just couldn’t do it! I knew I wasn’t going to be rolling up to my freshman year of OU with my 2009 student council shirt on but I just still couldn’t part with them. They held too many memories. The problem has been amplified after graduating college. My collection has tripled with t-shirts I just “can’t” get rid of but won’t ever wear again because I don’t want to be the crazy has been who just can’t seem to let go of her college glory days.  It’s not that all these shirts are just the cutest thing to hit my wardrobe, it’s the fact that they remind me of people , places, and memories I love. To compromise I guess I’ll just have someone make a quilt blanket out of all my t-shirts.

**Slow claps for me growing up and moving on while still getting to keep my shirts. **

As all the old shirts in my life make their exit, the Oklahoma Shirt Company makes an entrance.  The sentimental value I used to love in these shirts I no longer wear are quickly being substituted with the new  Oklahom-esque themed shirts.  They want to bring unique and fun designs to Oklahomans who are proud of where they are from. The best part about these shirts for me is that even though they don’t have years of memories attached to them I still find sentimental value in them because they represent my love for where I came from.   They have a t-shirt subscription program that sends you a custom design high quality shirt every month for only 10 dollars! Or if you’re like me and have your own ideas for what would make a great shirt they also have a custom design screen printing shop! I might even make some shirts for my bridal party for my wedding or design a fun shirt for a reunion trip with my friends next month!

You should go check them out here , you can look at all their past t-shirts of the month, create your own, or look at their retail shirts.

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