Healthy Hair Tips

Let’s be real who actually gets a trim on their hair every 6 to 8 weeks? In the age of blow out bars its not a question that our hair is all a little damaged but of how bad the situation actually is. Now dry your tears – Im not asking you to give up your curling iron. Trust me, I’d soon rather sell my soul than part with mine. But there are a few tips and tricks we can sneak into our daily routine to provide some insurance on our drapes. 😉

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  • Wash it Less: If you can skip a day (or in my case 3 or 4) then do it. I’m sure if you’re reading a beauty blog , you are already aware of the benefits of this so I’ll spare you the repetition. I use hairspray to combat the oil as well as this dry shampoo and this texturizing spray. I don’t get compliments on the smell of my hair right after I shower but I do get compliments on the smell after I use those two products.
  • Get a wet brush: My life changed when I got a wet brush. That sounds dramatic but my hair is super thick and tangles so easily and while dumping a bottle of conditioner on it seemed like the obvious answer- it wasn’t that easy. Since my hair is so thick the conditioner weighed my hair down and made it feel dirty even after just showering. This brush is a necessity for people with my hair type but, I also feel it’s a one size fits all kind of hair brush and everyone needs it. It is so gentle on your hair and reduces hair loss during brushing while promoting shinier, healthier hair.
  • Invest in your hair dryer: Bad news first, there is not a hair dryer on the market that will make you enjoy drying your hair. The sectioning, the time it takes, and the eventual shoulder cramp? Ya it all blows (pun intended). Contrary to popular believe the quality of your hair dryer does matter. And, for the health of your hair’s sake, we all know our hot tools such as flat irons and curling wands are worth the investment so, why wouldn’t our dryer be included in that same league? This is my absolute favorite hair dryer. It is lightweight and gets my hair dry in under 10 minutes without feeling like I’m being launched to space when I turn it on. All my dryers prior left my hair feeling crunchy and brittle. This one leaves me with soft shiny healthy looking hair. Heat is bad for your hair so the cut down time with how fast this gets my hair dried is key.  If your hair feels hot after you blow-dry or flatiron it, that means it’s still frying. If you remove a steak from the grill, it still continues to cook, and it’s the same thing with heat retention from a blow-dryer, flatiron, or curling iron. Hit the cold-shot button on your dryer.
  • Switch up your routine: I switch my shampoo conditioner to a different brand every time I run out of my current one. This helps my hair to not get used to a product and lose its effectiveness. I will typically rotate between this shampoo conditioner and this one. That is when I see the best results in my hair. For me, I want my hair to have volume and hydration because of all the processing my hair goes through to be so blonde. What are your hair needs? Identify them and then choose two lines with great reviews to alternate between. Whether its color damage you want to treat or smoothness and frizziness there is a shampoo that treats it!
  • Sleep on a silk pillow case : This Slip silk case is not only great for your hair but, your skin as well. I typically wake up looking like I just stuck my finger in an electric socket. This helps me keep my bed head under control and because of its smooth surface and natural proporties, it helps reduce the friction that takes place while sleeping which cause damage and split ends. Cotton sheets draw moisture from your hair and skin. SO yea that 90 dollar face cream you just invested in is now soaked up on your cotton pillow case. I’ve linked my favorite brand below.
  • Weekly hair mask: I swear by this hair mask. Once a week I wash my hair at night and let it soak in as an overnight mask on my hair. This is embarrassing to admit but I read that all the Kardashians use it and when my hair stylist suggested it for my hair that was the last straw. Say what you want about the Kardashians but we can all admit one thing. Those girls have got some good hair.

What do ya’ll do for your hair? Comment your tips and favorite products below.



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4 thoughts on “Healthy Hair Tips

  1. This article on healthy hair care tips is really awesome, and can definitely benefit a lot of women looking for advice. I really like the point about “Sleep on a silk pillow case” as this is a unique tip that many women should know about. Overall, this article provides great guidance for people who want hair care advice. I loved reading this , Thanks Macey!

  2. Oh my god this could potentially be the biggest lifesaver everrrr – I literally have pretty much the worst hair ever – honestly it’s mostly my fault from dyeing it so much when I was younger (Im talking literally a new colour every month), so I can’t really be shocked that I look like the scarecrow from the wizard of oz. So I will most definitely be using and trying out some of these thank you thank youuuu! Also in terms of products does anyone know any that can help sort out split ends and dryness? I’m currently trying the whole moroccan oil thing and i’ve definitely noticed a difference but it’s still nowhere near how Id want it! I read a blog about the Shu Uemura products (these thingys: – are they good? (Just wanted a second opinion really before buying it or anything) I am literally like my mum in this area – I cant purchase any beauty product without having asked everyone I know their opinion, reading every review out there and practically getting books out the library on it haha! But in all seriousness I would really appreciate any suggestions for any other fellow hair straw sufferers! Thank you everyone!

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