I have never been one to pour a ton of time or money into my bedroom decor.  I lived in my sorority house for two years so the only decor displayed was countless art projects my big had made and gifted me in honor of big little reveal night. Now don’t get me wrong they were all so adorable! In fact our sorority house still displays the wall board she made me during our recruitment! When our friends decided to move out for our senior year I decided to retire the majority of my sorority decor.  I don’t know many college grads that make a gallery wall with their college sorority letters post college.  Although, a lot of my friends probably wouldn’t put it past me to do so haha.

I moved to a house with my best friends our senior year where I lived in a closet. Seriously this room was TINY! I had a twin size bed, a tiny desk, and a teensy dresser with just enough space between the three for a walk way. So this didn’t leave a lot of room for me to decorate. Only the necessities could fit into the room so I never got to give it the flare I wanted.

So when I moved into this room  ( inside the CUTEST all white house) I decided I was going to finally decorate the way I had always wanted to. I LOVED this room. It was the perfect mix of glamour and girly with a soft and cozy feel. I chose to splurge on the rug but the rest my mom and I found on super sale at places like home goods, Ross, and Tuesday Morning. Decor doesn’t have to break the bank but, there are definitely investment pieces you can splurge on to bring the look together. I learned from my mom to  search some clearance stores and websites until you find a similar style for half the price. Or make it yourself! I had wanted this Prada sign I saw at a boutique for months but wasn’t willing to spend the $$$ the store was charging for it. So I bought a canvas, paint, and paid my artsy friend to paint it for 40 bucks. Im glad I got to have my ultimate bachelorette room before I got married.

Morgan and I got engaged this past May and my lease in this room ended on June 1. So I moved home to save a little money. I was hesitant at first to move back in after living on my own for so long but, it has been the biggest blessing. I have absolutely cherished this sweet time with my family before I officially move out for good. My brother and I are 8 years apart and he is 16 so, the last time I lived at home he was in elementary school. This time with him has been so much fun and we have gotten really close. My mom also jokes this is the most they have seen me since jr. high haha I was super involved in high school and college so I was rarely home. I am really thankful for the time with them.

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