How to apply false lashes Ft. Battington Lashes


If I was stranded on a desert island and told I could bring one makeup product with me it would be mascara. Lashes , in my opinion, make the biggest difference on your face when it comes to makeup. If there is an opportunity for me to wear false lashes I always take it. I mean I don’t pass up an opportunity to go from a 3 to a Jaclyn Hill. I am usually on the go pretty fast in the morning so this isn’t apart of my daily routine but, if I want to spend a little extra time making sure I love my makeup, i don’t leave the house without lashes on.  I was drawn to Battington Lashes because they are made of silk instead of synthetic or mink lashes. This means they last a lot longer enabling you to wear them up to 25 times before purchasing a new pair. These lashes are amazing quality and come in 6 gorgeous styles. The lashes I am wearing in this tutorial are the Monroe. Falsies are tricky to master and super intimidating at first. The best advice I can give is just practice, practice , practice. You’ll have the perfect lashes in no time.

*I am by no means a makeup artist. But I do love playing around with makeup and this is how I put on my false lashes*

If you do something different I would love to hear! Leave a comment and let me know how you do yours or any tips and tricks you might have to getting them on the best way.


Lashes are not a one size fits all, take them out of the box and put them on your eyes to see if they are too big. If so, cut the lashes from the outside corner. I have huge eyes so I almost always don’t need to cut mine. 



It’s time to grab your eyelash glue. I use DUO in the dark color. I chose this one over the clear adhesive because it dries black, meaning it blends in with my lash line instead of drying white and sticking out like a sore thumb. Trace the lash line with adhesive. Wait for a few moments to let it dry a little bit. I usually blow on mine a couple of times to make sure it is nice and sticky. This is the best way to make sure the falsies are not slipping around everywhere while you are trying to apply.



Put em on girl! I always put them on with my fingers and then go back and move them closer to hug my natural lashes with the tweezers. When you are placing the lashes on your eyes make sure you are lining up with your real lash line as best you can. Almost placing the lashes directly on top of your real ones.


STEP 4: 

Apply your eyeliner! These last two steps are merely a matter of preference for the look you are going for. I never leave without a swipe of eyeliner over my falsies though. I want them to look as natural as possible and the liner gives me a clean cut lash line and disguises any glue. I find it easiest to work with my favorite liquid paint pot and angled eyeliner brush to paint over the lash line.


STEP 5: 

Apply mascara ! I do a couple of swipes of mascara to blend my natural eyelashes in with my falsies. Again, this is all for the sake of looking as natural and cohesive as possible. 





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