Inside my Lipstick Bag

lipstick pouch: c/o Boulevard 

I hate to admit this but for some reason knowing what other people keep in their purse is oddly satisfying.  Maybe it’s just me being nosy but I really feel like you can tell a lot about a girl depending on what she holds valuable enough to carry around with her all day long. Hats off to the woman who always has ibuprofen , lotion , blotting papers, deodorant, mints, hand sanitizer, cell phone charger etc …. like girl, you came prepared. That’s the type of woman you want to stick with because no matter what circumstance you might find yourself in, she can probably pull the remedy out of her Mary Poppins bag.

and then there are girls like me….

Who carry car keys , sunglasses, and then about 40 lip products because you just never know what type of lipstick, gloss, or chapstick you might need (I inherited this practice from my mother). Can you even imagine the emotional distress of only having a lip balm when you desperately need some color? I mean these options are necessities people 😉

Whatever type of bag lady you identify with, here are some of my favorite lippies worth your purchase.

Dior Addict Maximizer: I love this gloss. This is one of those items I was hesitant to purchase because for one thing I don’t even like lipgloss typically and another because of the price. But this has collagen activators in it that give your lips a nice plumpness to it. It is suuuuppper moisturizing and can also be used as a treatment on your lips if used morning and night. I like how this formula is not sticky, the color is perfect, and I truly feel like it gives my lips a ton of moisture. If your lips are super chapped this will tingle at first but, as you apply daily the product will just feel more cool on your lips. I also just bought this for a friend for her birthday. This is a cute little gift that I think any girl will like because of the subtle color and comfort of this gloss.

Kylie Lip Kit: I never want to talk negative about a brand on my blog but this product is so so for me. I love the liners but the matte lipstick formula is not my favorite. It is sooooo drying and feels like you actually have nothing on your lips (which some people might love) but for me I would look in the mirror a few hours later and have this ring around my inner lip. Honestly I think it’s worth having a few but you don’t need to rush out and purchase every color in my opinion.

Mac Twig: this. is. my. all. time. favorite. color. there will be no one who can replace the Mac Twig shrine I have. I am not kidding you I keep a tube of this in my lipstick bag, bathroom, car and at work. You can even ask my friends for verification. This matte formula is comfortable to wear all day giving you just the right amount of moisture and yet dry enough to not transfer onto anything and everything your lips might touch. Don’t even get me started on the color. It looks good on everyone. Buy it.

and then there are two Chanel products that I swear by. I repurchase these products all the time and cannot sing their praises high enough.

Chanel Rouge Double Intense: Stays on ALL day long and their colors are gorgeous. I absolutely love this product. I purchased it first for football season (BOOMER) because I wanted to find the perfect red that would with stand tailgating. Then I came back and bought two more colors and now we are in a very serious relationship.

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo: these are incredible for different reasons. Its a lip balm texture so its sooo moisturizing and smooth but yet has the pigment and color payoff of a lipstick with a little bit of shine like a gloss. my favorite color for everyday wear neutral is this *script * and for a bright pop of spring color I love this one : here *historie*

I also always keep a roller ball in my bag. This one smells INCREDIBLE. I would have never known how amazing it smelled if I hadn’t discovered it due to the smell of their amazing hair product line.

This pouch I keep all my lip stuff in is so great. It is slim enough to fit into any of my bags no matter how full I stuff it with products haha and it is the prettiest pink suede and you can get it personalized any way you want to ! I mentioned this brand before but they have some incredible carry items! Check them out here

What are some of your favorite products?

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