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 Iva May Designs is hand-made jewelry by Emily Clair Brunson. She is hands down one of the sweetest girls I have ever met and her jewelry is just a material reflection of her inner beauty inspired by her family. Each collection is named after a different family member and its colors, textures, and stones mirror the personality and character traits of the designs that remind her of them.  Iva May was named after her grandmother, the one who gave Emily Clair her first treasured piece of jewelry. The first collection is called SUZIE in honor of her mother. This collection features creams, grays and that perfect pop of gold. The SUZIE sparkle collection is a perfect picture of the way her mother models to ” Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.” -Kate Spade.

The SUZIE Sparkle Collection:


lol full length

The next collection is called BROOKE, in honor of her cousin who is no stranger to adventure. The pieces in this collection represent the places she has gone such as Zambia and El Salvador. Brooke brings hop to each person she meets.

The BROOKE Collection:


The last collection is called ALLISON, in honor of her cousin who attends the University of OKlahoma. This collection reminds Emily Clair of the pride and joy that OU has brought her. She is so proud to be a Sooner and this collection is for all those game day lovers out there! You can find the Allison collection here: ALLISON COLLECTION

I have worn at least one (or two or six) pieces of my Iva May jewelry every single day since Emily Clair gave them to me. Thats how cute and versatile these pieces are, I get compliments on them everywhere I go! So I want to give my readers a chance to experience these stylish and affordable designs as well! Thats why I am doing a GIVEAWAY! The winner will pick two Iva May Design pieces that they can’t live without! Head over to my Instagram: Macey.Flowers to enter for your chance to win!! 

oh yea and GOOD LUCK!

What Iva May am I Wearing? :

My personal favorite (I could literally wear just this bracelet for the rest of my life and die happy): SUZIE She sets the bar Bracelet : here 

SUZIE Sparkle Necklace: Here

BROOKE “Black Polka Dot” Necklace: Here

BROOKE “Druzy Dot” Bracelet: Here

BROOKE “Dot Stacking” Bracelet: Here

ALLISON “Whipped Cream” Bracelet: Here

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