Kimono Dreams

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never owned a kimono… am I even spelling this thing right? Ha! Really what sold me on this one in particular was the color scheme. It is seriously gorgeous and has this glittery/sheen/luster effect look to it that makes it pretty unique looking. Fall is my absolute favorite season because there is nothing I love more than layering. In the summer…well there isn’t a ton of layering going on because obviously you are not trying step outside in 100 degree weather with excessive clothing.


However with this kimono you can make an exception. You still get the look of layered clothing but the fabric is so breathable its almost sheer. I have linked this one along with a few others like it below at various price points. Some of these are less than 20$!

These earrings are my favorite and I think it is time to purchase them in the other colors they come in. Unlike other tassel earrings I’ve purchased, these are SO lightweight I forget I even have them in my ears. I also think they are amazing quality at a great price point. You need a pair.



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