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If you are living anywhere in the south you are fully aware that it is hotter than hades outside. Im aware its probably really hot in other places as well but mixed with this awful southern humidity and I am just about ready to ship myself off to Antartica. I usually live in just tank tops and t-shirts all summer, but in this heat, they tend to stick to me in all the WRONG places. I needed something else because those were doing me zero favors.

It is no secret that the off the shoulder tops have earned their spot in closets every where as a wardrobe essential. It graduated from just one of this seasons biggest trends to a must have staple rather quickly. They are a fun and flirty take on a top, cool enough to wear in summer heat, and they hide your pit stains? COOL I’LL PROB TAKE 15 OF EM!! The best part is they look the most chic (in my opinion) with your hair pulled up in a sleek pony tail, or a fun messy bun. This cuts your get ready time in half, and you can pair it with some fun statement earrings that give off an effortlessly cute look. You’ll be having one of those ” I woke up like this” moments. Here are some sassy OTS worthy earrings to accentuate a little bare shoulder action with.

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So go get yourself one or five!  and oh ya, did we just become best friends for saving you from social suicide pit stain embarrassment? Mhhm. I think we did.  I stuck my head out from my freezer long enough to round up some of my favorite off the shoulder tops for you guys below. You’re welcome. #readyforfall 

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Shop My Look:

Top and earrings : Bought from a local boutique

Jeans and Earrings below:

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