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I Miss You Beb package and Disco Party cup c/o Packed Party all opinions are my own


Growing up sucks. I mean don’t get me wrong it has a few perks! For instance if you want to eat ice cream for dinner every night of the week instead of cooking YOU CAN! Or if your room looks like your closet exploded… yo momma ain’t gunna bust in there and tell you that your grounded if it’s not cleaned up. That is… unless you’re living at home like me right now LOL. But, I understand I’m not the norm and you get my point right?

My least favorite thing about growing up is all my friends moving off to different cities scattered across the nation. Denver, D.C. , Austin, Dallas, Houston, Tulsa, L.A., NYC. Ugh. 

My love language is words of affirmation so I find a lot of joy in sending a text to say ” I love you and miss you”. But, my favorite way to tell someone I’m thinking about them and missing them is to send them some snail mail.  I love getting mail. Who doesn’t?! There is nothing like walking up to your mail box and seeing a cute little letter addressed to you then getting all giddy to see who it is from. It immediately makes you feel special.  Then I found out about Packed Party I realized I had been doing it ALL WRONG!!!

 Me and my best friends from college are LOUD when we get together. Seriously stick us in a room with absolutely nothing in it and we will be perfectly content cracking up hysterically at one another. They made every single day fun and anything that could have been ordinary and boring was suddenly a party when we were all together. So why send them a boring old letter when I could literally send them a party in the mail?? If we can’t all be together I might as well send a little party their way.

Check out all of Packed Party’s amazing packages you can send in the mail. They are absolutely adorable and are guaranteed to put a smile on your long distance gal pal’s face. They have a package themed around life events or occurrences with the most clever titles. Such as, Pity Party, Feel Bedda Soon, You don’t need him anyway!, Yay You and a so many more to choose from. But it’s not like you need any real reason to throw a party for your bestie! Send one of their disco cups just because!! This cup would make the perfect gift for a birthday party, bachelorette weekend, or shower!

And just like that, Packed Party kicked my sweet little “I miss you” letter’s booty!

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One thought on “Packed Party

  1. First off, this wall is so much fun!! And I feel you on being an adult stinks, but hello to ice cream for dinner! I’m always fascinated with packed party, thanks for sharing!! I now want to order one for every friend that doesn’t live close by. Have a great weekend 🙂
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

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