Deals and Dupes

If you love a good deal then gather round ladies because you’ll love today’s post. I’ve found quite possibly the best dupe for one of summers biggest trend in sandals, earrings under $25, and the best basic tops under $20. You’re welcome.

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The Search

I pick up my wedding dress next week and it has got me feeling all the feels. I’m fully aware that it will be the hands down most sentimental dress I ever wear and I can’t help but be all mushy gushy thinking that in just two short months I’ll be walking down the aisle towards Morgan wearing it. I can’t wait for him to see it!Read More

Transitional Dress


These pictures are fairly old but when I saw this dress was on sale for almost 70 dollars off the retail price , fully stocked, and available in different colors I knew it was worth the repost! It says a lot about a dress when they keep bringing it back season after  season.

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Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

In the blog world I feel like the term “this is the best sale EVER!” is tossed around a lot . My condolences for saying it myself more than a time or two here on BTB but, today ya’ll this is truly THE best sale ever. There is no other sale that causes a frenzy quite like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and it is for good reason. If you’re ready to shop online then you are already well on your way to doing this thing right so, congratulations. Pretty sure I would embarrass myself if I was browsing this in stores. Lord know’s I would elbow an innocent lady if it meant that I got this last beauty set and my friends that live close to Nordstrom keep sending me insane snaps of the outrageous lines and overcrowded stores. Bless their little hearts. The only person I’ll have to fight is my fiance after he see’s the damage I’ve done to my bank account. yikes.

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Engagement Tips

*This post is in collaboration with WeddingWire. All opinions are my own*

After being engaged for over a year at this point I by no means consider myself editor in chief of the knot but, I have learned a thing or two while being a fiance. 😉 So I thought I would share just a few things I’ve learned along with a couple of my favorite snaps from our engagement photos that I haven’t had the chance to share yet. I still smile ear to ear every time I look at them.Read More

Best Drugstore Beauty 2017


When it comes to most things in life, I typically tend to air more on the side of a “you get what you pay for” type attitude. But in the world of cosmetics, that is not always the case. Drugstore beauty brands have seriously stepped up their game. Lines like Loreal, Maybelline, NYX, and Milani have some serious products out that rival it’s high end competition. It seems like every other day I’m seeing celeb makeup artists reveal more and more tried and true beauty bargains  that I end up being obsessed with. Could all thats different be fancy packaging, luxury brand names, and a serious difference in $$$$ ? Honey I love displaying all my cute lil Mac lipsticks and showcasing my Chanel makeup but I know good and well I am not the queen of England. If a 10 dollar blush is going to be the best then COME TO MOMMA! Now don’t get me wrong there are still a lot of subpar and less than average ones hanging out on the aisle alongside them. Translation: You can get really good stuff you just have got to know what you’re looking for.  Read More

Healthy Hair Tips

Let’s be real who actually gets a trim on their hair every 6 to 8 weeks? In the age of blow out bars its not a question that our hair is all a little damaged but of how bad the situation actually is. Now dry your tears – Im not asking you to give up your curling iron. Trust me, I’d soon rather sell my soul than part with mine. But there are a few tips and tricks we can sneak into our daily routine to provide some insurance on our drapes. 😉

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The Business of Blogging Panel

blazer, romper: BCBG 

Hands down the most common question I get asked from ya’ll is how to start a blog. Although I have learned a ton in the past year and a half of blogging, I by no means feel like I am an expert because well, I am still really new too! The truth is that there is no cookie cutter how to guide in the business of blogging and to be honest, so much of it is just trial and error that differs from each persons experience. I wish I could take every single person out for coffee that has sent me a dm, email, and comment  asking for advice on blogging. I remember how it felt to feel completely overwhelmed by the unknown of starting a blog and although figuring it out for myself was empowering, I wish I had a little more guidance and encouragement in the beginning.  Read More