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Begging you to forgive me for the appearance of my nails haha


As if your alarm clock going off every morning at 7am wasn’t enough to bring you to the harsh reality of adulthood you get on Facebook only to be greeted by 6 engagements that happened over the weekend. How are we old enough for this stuff again? It’s exciting, surreal, and fun to get older and watch your friends find their happily ever after. I feel like I have a wedding every single weekend this summer. But I’m not complaining! I’ll use any excuse to eat some cake, see some old friends, and get my Cupid Shuffle on. Oh, and if I’m lucky, brush up on my Nsync Dirty Pop lyrics/moves on the dance floor. But don’t let my enthusiasm fool you, I am an awful dancer… AWFUL.

I love any reason to buy a new dress but sometimes finding one to wear for a wedding is a little harder for me because there is more criteria it has to meet in order to make the cut. The dress has to be comfortable and secure enough that I won’t flash the bride’s second grade teacher on the dance floor. Yet it has got to be cute enough to make a statement without being to attention grabbing. All eyes should be on the bride after all! Then you have to avoid certain color schemes in order to not be mistaken for the bridal party.  I recently found this dress at Caymans and it fit the bill perfectly. Plus it was under 100 dollars! The material is super stretchy and comfy, it has the most beautiful summer coral color and the fabric stays in place! This is honestly a steal for the quality! It comes in S, M, L. Pictured on me is a M!

You can find it by clicking here or you can shop it in store! There were tons of other amazing options for weddings, graduation parties, and going out dresses. April 20 they are having a 20% off store wide sale where you can get 20% off your entire purchase!

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