Sale Picks: ShopBop 2017

This sale is pretty epic, I cannot lie. It’s not your average joe sale because you see when else do you get 25% off everything ??? SHOPBOP is one of my favorite online retailers and this sale is just in time to purchase a few things for spring.

Shop these pics above at the bottom of this post <3

What did I pick up? Thought you’d never ask!

7. Diet Coke Sweater: I LOVE this for obvious reasons- pink, comfy, Diet Coke (a.k.a every southern girls Jesus juice) in big bold letters right across the front. Ahhhh, just how I like it. I feel like after graduating college I don’t have much lounge pieces that don’t have greek letters flashed across the front. I had to have it.

6. Lace up sandals: I wasn’t a big fan of the gladiator look but the daintiness of this lace up sandal is exaaacccttllyy what this lady needed to feel like it matched my style. I think it is an adorable alternative to my typical miller sandals paired with a sun dress for spring/summer.

8. Turqoise Earrings: I have had my eye on these for about a year but went with the Vanessa Mooney tassels during this sale last year instead. If you like them but cannot justify them full price, pull the trigger! Invest in amazing statement accessories because they will be with you for years to come. I sometimes end up wasting money because I go with cheaper jewelry options and they just end up broken, tattered, or turned to an awful dark bronze color- you know the one, ew.

9. Happy phone case: I’m not really sure why but when I saw this case it made me smile ear to hear. Since it quite literally made me visibly happy I purchased in hopes it might make someone else smile when they saw me with it too. 🙂

Well that’s all for now bebes. Thanks for reading and comment what you purchased from the sale!

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