It is no secret that we all spend a significant amount of time in front of a screen. Most of my time at work is spent behind a computer and when I’m off the clock, I usually use my free time to work on my blog. From taking pictures, to working on my laptop, to checking my social channels on my phone and ipad I spend a TON of time on technology. How much time do you spend on yours? When I try to add up all the hours I spend on mine it makes me slightly embarrassed.

In many ways technology has strengthened my relationships with people making it way easier to immediately connect no matter where they are in the world. ¬†You can’t tell me you don’t end your night with a little Instagram/ Facebook scrolling!

Sure there are countless negatives and positives to being glued to our screens but I had no idea it was damaging to your skin until I heard about SCREEN. This product is a state of the art hydrating tinted moisturizer that gives you true, full- spectrum protection. Did you know that too much time looking at your technology screen can cause premature aging? YIKES. At the rate I am going I’ll be looking like a granny by the time I’m 25! SCREEN is unique because it helps defend against High Energy Visible blue light which are penetrating rays generated by everyday electronics. Sold? Me too. Needless to say I will be lathering this stuff on my face daily from now on. You can use it alone as a tinted moisturizer or under or over your foundation in combination with your current skincare routine.

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