Stand By Me.

Today’s post is all about how I asked my best friends to be my bridesmaids. This has been one of my absolute favorite moments while being engaged so far. If you haven’t gathered this already from reading other blog posts or following me on social media- I am a total sap. So you can only imagine the tears and excitement that ensued as I asked my closest friends to stand by me on the biggest day of Morgan and I’s life.

Coming from an incredibly small family, my friends have always been considered more like family to me. Growing up I’ve always been obsessed with my friends. My mom tells me when I was about 6 I would beg for my oldest friend Sarah to spend the night every. single. night. My mom said it broke her heart watching me cry myself to sleep but she just wasn’t going to let Sarah spend the night on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, AND then the entire weekend. 😉 College was my dream come true because EVERY night was a sleepover.

My friends are also a big reason that my very first official boyfriend ever was at age 22 #embarrassing. (Morgan was my first and last boyfriend hehe )  You see, I never wanted to date growing up because I didn’t ever like anyone more than I liked my girlfriends. Sounds silly but why waste my time with some guy I won’t marry when I could be laughing it up with my bffs?! This almost lost me a chance with the love of my life though. It was the sole reason for me refusing to even go on a with Morgan when he first started pursuing me. Poor guy had a rough couple of months of rejection before I finally caved in. Little did I know it would be the best decision I ever made. I still remember sitting in the parking lot of Sig Ep and explaining to Morgan that I couldn’t go on a date with him and how I didn’t want a boyfriend because I didn’t want anything to distract me from hanging out with all my girlfriends that year….LOL. Praise the Lord for Morgan’s persistance.

Every single bridesmaid has helped make me into who I am today. They have stood by me through some of my most favorite (and not so favorite)  memories in life. Some have even seen me through every single awkward stage and somehow stuck around 😉 but my most cherished memory I will make with them now, is when they “stand by me” as I marry the man of my dreams. So when I saw these stand by me bridal party invitations, I knew they were how I wanted to ask my bridal party.

When choosing my bridesmaids gifts I knew I wanted to do something super cute and simple with cookies. I had been following an account on social media of a girl who makes custom ones and was always so amazed at how talented she was. That made choosing who to use a no brainer for me! Look her up here on insta: lyndsiescustomcookies or email her at : she is SO easy and fun to work with and also made me a cookie set for myself and packaged them in the adorable gold polka packaging! So so sweet.

For my matron of honor and maid of honor I put together a little something extra. I got my favorite bottle of champagne and a lip gloss.

Thanks for reading ya’ll!



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