The Search

I pick up my wedding dress next week and it has got me feeling all the feels. I’m fully aware that it will be the hands down most sentimental dress I ever wear and I can’t help but be all mushy gushy thinking that in just two short months I’ll be walking down the aisle towards Morgan wearing it. I can’t wait for him to see it!

Whether you’ve dreamed about your wedding dress since you were five or you hadn’t given it much thought until you got engaged, here are a few tips to help you navigate your search for the dress.

  1. Assemble your panelBe selective when it comes to choosing who you include on your quest for the dress. Sure you love your mom, your sister, future mother in law, his sister, and your 8 bridesmaids but not everyone needs to come. Sounds like a super fun party with all your favorite people but trust me honey this is no cake walk.  Have you ever tried to get a crowd to agree on where to go to brunch with all your girlfriends? With that in mind you can only imagine how hard and frustrating it could be to get a consensus on a gown. Too many opinions can also drown out your voice or worse- talk you out of your dream dress and that’s the last thing you need! Invite the people whose opinion matters most to you and just remember that this excursion is just as important and memorable for them as it is for you so soak it all up !
  2. Do your research Go into your appointment with a few photos of styles and dresses you like! Any direction you give your bridal consultant helps so she can guide you towards your dream dress. Look through magazines, pintrest, google, boutique websites and narrow down some commonalities in all the dresses you like. Are they all lace poofy, embellished, or strapless? I personally loved looking on WeddingWire . Their wedding dress data base is unreal and have it categorized by designer, style, and budget complete with pictures from models and real brides.
  3. Be open  After trying on every single dress that fit my criteria and hating them all I began to realize it might be time to try some new things. I know my bridal consultant had realized this my 4th dress in but I didn’t accept it until I was about 9 dresses deep. I ended up falling for something completely different that I would have never considered without the guidance of my consultant so just be open! You might just end up finding your dream dress and it just so happens it is nothing like what you thought it would be. You might think you want a mermaid silhouette but what if that just doesn’t suite your body type?
  4. What do YOU thinkThis was the biggest hurdle for me to get over while wedding dress shopping. I was looking for a crowd consensus and an overwhelming “OH MY GOD” when I walked out and figured that is how I would know it was my dress. But truth be told my mom saw me in the complete opposite style for my wedding day and I just couldn’t get past it. I tried dozens of that style on for her and I tried to love it but I just didn’t. I was doing it for her. It would have been sooo easy to bend in the moment because I want her to be happy and knew how special it was to her also. Remember that this is your day and it’s crucial to go with your dream dress, not your moms. Compromise with her on who you use for your band or cake…. not your wedding dress!
  5. Be prepared for bridal sizing There is truly nothing quite like dieting for weeks before trying on dresses only to be told they’re putting you in a size 13 dress. You could have knocked me over with a feather! Bridal gowns are just sized weird. The good news is no one knows but you, your bridal consultant, and the designer!
  6. Don’t get discouraged Whether you try on 5 dresses or 50 don’t get frustrated if you are having a tough time finding the one. I almost settled multiple times out of pure frustration. I kept comparing myself to my girlfriends who said yes to the first dress they tried on or who only went to two appointments and came out with their dress. Mine didn’t happen that way. I went to almost every bridal boutique in Oklahoma and Dallas and guess what? That’s okay! Adding additional pressure to yourself isn’t going to help. There is no telling when the moment will happen.


Also I highly recommend documenting the process. One of my best friends that tagged along to my first appointment insisted I take some pictures. I hesitated because I didn’t want to be that girl in the salon but I am SO happy I have all of these pics to look back on. Here are just a few.


This is me and my momma at my first wedding dress appointment.<3

*this post is in collaboration with WeddingWire. All opinions are my own.*

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