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I press snooze about 6 times (wish I was exaggerating) roll out of bed and shuffle my feet into the kitchen where I dump some of this creamer in with my favorite coffee from this machine and in just a matter of seconds….Ahhhhh….. my Jesus juice is ready. I can now make my way into what Morgan calls my “girl room”.

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We live in a very old house. It’s actually a lot of space but, because of the year it was built their distribution of space is a little off. The kitchen is tiny ( I don’t mind this part much) but our closets are smaller than what I had in the dorms my freshman year of college. So, what’s a girl with her priorities in line to do? That’s right my shoes are going in the oven for the time being ūüėČ Who knows where we will put Morgans clothes when he moves in- I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. ¬†Another problem area is our bathroom. It’s miniature with absolutely zero storage space. And for a girl who wants to play dress up and makeover for a living…. the storage space was a very big issue. So I set out to make a cloffice (closet/office) for myself thus leading Morgan to it’s nickname known to us now as my “girl room”.

So let’s pick up where I left off earlier. I got my jesus juice and I’m making my way into my girl room with Marley following swiftly behind. I take my seat and so does he, under my desk. I drink my coffee and listen to music as I get ready. This is easily my favorite part of the day. ¬†Some days I want to get ready in five minutes but most days I view this as my “me” time. To just relax , drink my coffee-I mean jesus juice-, and play in my makeup. That being said, I knew I wanted a makeup area where I could neatly store all of my makeup and really enjoy my space to get ready every day. There are two purchases that have been worth every penny in my opinion.

  1. My Acrylic Makeup Organizer: This has been my saving grace. I absolutely LOVE trying new makeup. It’s partly why I started this little blog. I wanted to try it all¬†so that you don’t have to but, along with that comes a ton of makeup. For the longest time I have 4 makeup bags. Yea it was as horrible as it sounds. I didn’t know what all I had and digging for what I needed took upwards of 10 minutes. OR ¬†I would repurchase things I thought I misplaced but really it was just lost in the deep abyss of one of my bags. I love how neat and organized this looks and at first I wasn’t sold on the fact that it was clear but now its my favorite part. I can easily spot which product I need and everything has its place. Ain’t no kitchen caddy gunna treat you as good as this I can promise you that girlfriend. Don’t let the prices on these scare you – it’s worth it. One day I am going to splurge for this one¬†¬†by Glamboxes.¬†In terms of quality- this brand seriously sets the bar. One of my girlfriends has one and it is so durable. I would have invested in one of theirs from the get go had I known how much I was going to love mine so if you are considering purchasing I would check these out first. I also want to purchase Glamboxes jewelry box and purse divider¬†. Basically I have a problem and I need the entire line of Glamboxes.
  2. My WideView Pro Sensor Mirror by Simple Human : this little baby right here is no joke. Allowing you to see yourself from every angle, and adjust the lighting from your phone, this mirror truly is the best of the best. With a color rendering index of 90, its tru-lux light system closely simulates natural sunlight‚Äôs full color spectrum to show every detail. The charge lasts up to four weeks and no matter how awful your lighting is- I can guarantee you’ll never walk out of the house with a makeup line unblended on your neck ever. again.¬†I first heard about it from the Allure Beauty awards and after reading reviews, ratings , and first hand experience it’s worth every ounce of praise it has received. Interested in hearing more? Read here. Also : they have multiple sizes in mirrors. I know not everyone might be interested in this big one.

I purchased my acrylic organizer from homegoods but I will do my best to link a few below. What is your morning ritual? Do you have a get ready area also? Let me know what you thought about this post in the comments below!



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This post was in collaboration with Simple Human. Thank you for supporting the brands that help BTB operate.


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