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If there is one thing I think pretty much all women can agree on is that packing can be a real debbie downer on your exciting upcoming trip. How many shoes do you pack, be careful not to over pack but what if you don’t pack enough? It claims it will be hot but what if there is a cold front #TBH I can’t hang with all the what ifs. I am a pretty laid back person and as a side affect, planning doesn’t come naturally to me. In fact sometimes it can really stress me out. Side note: it is so crazy to me how everyone can be wired soooo different. My fiance , who absolutely has to have a plan for everything and is typically packed and ready for our trip a day or two in advance. (you go Mo Mo ) I wish I had it in me. I am the girl who puts it off until the very last minute because the thought of it brings me anxiety. It makes no sense- I’m aware! But I am a women and I really don’t gotta make sense now do I? 😉

With that being said, there are a few travel essentials that without even a second thought I just know I’m going to throw in my bag. You know the ones! Those every day products you don’t typically wouldn’t skip a day using. I’ve rounded up a few of mine to share with you and also a few travel carrier options that are an absolute must purchase.

  1. Boulevard Jewlery Carrier: EVERYONE needs this. Especially if you are an accessory freak like me. I have never come across a better pouch that organizes everything from your earrings to your necklaces and bracelets all in one adorable and compact pouch. I mean who came up with this? They deserve a fruit basket, this thing is genius – do yourself a favor and get one. You can even personalize the color and text on the front of the bag. Slap a monogram on that sucker and this lil southern belle loved it even more. Such a great quality also- you can tell that you wont have to replace this bag often – if ever!
  2. Wet Brush: Seriously ya’ll I don’t know what I did before my bff introduced me to this brush. Oh wait! Yes I do recall now- I RIPPED ALL MY HAIR OUT with that “other” brush. ugh. It’s fine I’m not bitter anymore. If you have thick, course, long hair- or just hair at all! hehe You need this brush. I’m not really sure how it’s made that makes it so different but it detangles my hair so much easier and I never feel like I am ripping my hair out to get the comb through my hair. I get super tangly hair when I first get out of the shower and this brush mixed with this product is my saving grace. It might just be me but I feel like this makes my hair shinier and smoother as well. Basically now I am spoiled and if I forget this at home when traveling I don’t even bother borrowing someone elses brush. It ain’t worth ripping out these locks to make it happen honey.
  3. T3 Compact Dryer : As mentioned above I have very long hair (obviously) and it’s thick as well. Most people would call this a blessing but I would call it a real pain in the behind when I’m trying to get my hair dry with the tiny hotel dryer that comes with the room. Like, thanks for the for the cute lil dryer on the wall but I’d rather not spend 55 min trying to dry my hair hehe no thank you mam! This t3 micro travel dryer is compact enough to throw in my travel bag and not take up a lot of space but because it is a t3 I’m not sacrificing quality- this lil booger can get up and BLOW! It gets my hair dry just as fast as the full size one.
  4. Electric tooth brush/Vitality: I love this guy. My dentist switched me to this electric brush and my teeth have never felt so squeaky clean. The best part is its under 30 dollars. It’s important you choose one with a small brush head like mine so that the brush can really get in between all your teeth and do it’s job. Don’t spend 150 bucks on an electric toothbrush when this one works like a dream.
  5. Travel Size perfume: No one wants to be the smelly girl on the plane. Keep a little travel size perfume or roller ball in your carry on and the person sitting next to ya will thank you. I am big on smells and my absolute favorite one is Alien. I love how this scent lasts me all day long. It smells different on everyone and I feel like with this one you either hate it or love it! But I looove it. However I think this scent might be a little to overwhelming for a plane ride but this scent or this one are very fresh clean smells that might be more appropriate and are too of my other favs.

Lastly I love my carry on travel bag. I’ve done numerous posts on it before so I think it goes without saying that it’s a fav of mine.  I am leaving later today for one of my bff’s bachelorette party in Napa, California! I’ve never been before so I am super excited. Hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend.



p.s. This is the face Marley makes when he knows I am leaving. How am I supposed to leave this lil nugget???? I like, literally CANNOT HANDLE THIS FACE!


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